Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cooking utensils haul from Daiso

Daiso is the Japanese version of the dollar store. To be more exact, it's a "dollar and a half" store, nearly all the items sold there are US$1.50, except otherwise labeled.  The store seems to be easily found throughout the California Bay area. I like to go there to look for cute / cheap cooking utensils or planting stuff.

You would not expect much in terms of quality, but certain things have held up pretty well. The 26cm rolling pin I got from there, I've used many times to make bread, pasta and puff pastry! The water bottle spray has worked quite well too, I used it to spray the oven when baking bread. Oh and the red polka dot cloth, I've used many times to cover proofing dough, and as photo background recently :).

Yesterday, I went for another visit, got a 8x4 loaf pan, a small bright orange 5.25x1.5 inch silicone cake pan, , icing spatula, etc. Most curious about the silicone cake pan, whether it's going to be hard to work with. Some web also advised to put it on a cookie sheet when placing in the oven to make it more stable. Planning to do another run on the Bika Ambon...but wonder if the pan will be a good enough heat conductor. We shall see.

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