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I am a very novice baker whose baking knowledge so far has been almost entirely learnt from the wonderful world of the internet. I have been really amazed at the plethora of very detailed youtube instructions that people have shared, and discussions and blogs, and wonderful pictures that amazing home bakers all over the world have shared. The internet has really democratized the world of cooking, so that even the klutziest and messiest people like me, can make desserts and breads at home!

My bumbling culinary adventure began last year, when I moved to the US to join my beloved Mr. With plenty of time and a wonderfully spacious kitchen and modern oven that's barely been used by the Mr.'s formerly single self, I finally braved myself to start.

It was overwhelming at first, and my first trials were met with underwhelming-tasting results. I didn't know where to start, cook books? classes? allrecipes.com? There were so many options, what if the recipes were not detailed enough for a novice like me? etc etc?. In end, I started with some muffin recipe, which turned out ok, but somewhat strange in taste? When you're underwhelmed, you don't feel like continuing. But the Mr. was always supportive, and heartily consumed the baked goods.

I think it was the day I thought about Chouquettes, the mini puffs that were my favorite snack in France, that I stumbled upon a pretty good youtube video about baking. That started the ball rolling, with me trying to scour the net for more detailed discussions on certain steps of the baking process of that chouquettes that I felt was not properly explained on that video. Then armed, with several tips to support the recipe, I baked my first batch of chouquettes, which turned out great! By no means was it perfect, but it was something special and tasted good.

My point is to start somewhere, no matter how random, and find something you're gonna be excited to bake, then check whether the recipe is doable or not (most of the time, surprisingly they are). If not, try something else. If it seems reachable, then try it! If I can do it, then anyone can!

And please do leave any comments if there are any problems you encounter with the recipes or instructions, or if you have any constructive feedback. Thank you!

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